Filling the swamp with Blackwater

Remember last time a kind of goofy guy moved into the white house and didn’t seem to have too much of an agenda–but then all these weird guys that you thought were dead or something came out of the shadows and started hanging around with him?  Remember how you thought those guys were just too far off the charts to be taken seriously by anyone–and then they made all the policies?  Well, it seems that when the weirdos are out of power, they wait around until they can get back into it again.

So, it seems that Erik Prince, brother of Betsy DeVos (the nominee for secretary of education), is back in town.  He seems to be advising Mr. Trump on security matters.  (Trump already seems to have Blackwater connections.)  It will be interesting to see how the current unorthodox security detail that Trump has selected will evolve.  Will it become the typical secret service detail or a Praetorian Guard?  The possibility of the latter option has some folks concerned.  But, like so many fears related to the incoming administration, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, I have the oral presentation of my comprehensive exams in about an hour.  I’ll discuss Sustainability Indicators, Data Visualization, and Political Implementation.  I imagine it will be riveting.

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