Donald Trump is a poo poo head

The above title was the original name and address of this blogsite.  Why?  Because I felt that there was enough intellectual detraction leveled at Donald Trump (to which he would respond with an insult similar to the above if the detractor had garnered sufficient exposure).  What seems to me to have been lacking all along is an opponent willing to grapple with him on his own pre-pubescent level and I thought to fill that gap.  However, it’s been a week and I’m sick of the joke so I changed the name of the blog.  I’ll leave today’s post as a legacy, though.

I just read Trump’s inauguration speech.  I didn’t find it listed in any American news sources, but I did find it reported right here in Canada!  I liked the speech!  I liked it a lot.  I dug the populist message.  (Who even cares if he does any of that stuff?  I don’t know how much of Obama’s promises he kept.  In fact, his inaugural speech sounds pretty similar (maybe they all do–I’ve only read two).)  To me, the bigger point was, where has this guy been?  He sounds like a pretty cool guy.  If he does any of that stuff, I’ll be impressed.

The thing that bothers me is this–Is it worse to find out that when a man-child insults his way to leadership of the most powerful nation on earth, he then succeeds, or is it worse to find out that he then fails?  If he succeeds, has he just set the precedent for all future elections–appeal to the basest instincts of humanity?  If he fails, what will be lost (and what will be left)?

Meanwhile, it seems that I’ll need to rewrite my comprehensive exams.  Hopefully the next round wins it.  I only get two tries.  Maybe I’ll catch it on a bounce.

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