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2-1/2 minutes to midnight

Amidst all the bluster, it’s hard for me to remember that stuff actually happens when the new president speaks.  What he says is so ridiculous and incoherent, I  comfort myself by thinking that people must know this is all a bluff.  Then I get reminded by the sober (and somewhat humorless) folks at the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist that really bad things can happen when erratic people are in charge of nuclear weapons.  They have now set their lovely doomsday clock forward 30 seconds in response to recent moves by the current administration.  It’s now set closer to world destruction than it has been in 64 years.  And, this is just the administration’s first week.  No wonder our friends are cancelling their visits.

The situation is made more worrisome by the news that Donald Trump sends his tweets from an unsecured phone that he carries with him.  A hacker could tap into it to listen to whatever the microphone on the phone can pick up or to track the POTUS’s location.  Here’s what concerns me most–what could anyone hack into this guy’s phone and tweet that would be so absurd that it wouldn’t sound like it came directly from the erratic synapses of the leader of the free world?  I mean, really, what could it possibly say that is more bizarre than anything he’s already said (and then defended)?  “Sorry”?  “My opponent made a good point, but has not considered…”?  “I’m actually bald”?  “Let’s bomb Canada”?  Ok, he might actually say the last one.  I just threw it in to get the attention of the secret service.  (Harmless passivist here guys–non-violent.)  The point is, maybe we’re all so inured to neo-Orwelian Trumpspeak, that no one will know when the Trumpphone does get hacked.

Wait–hold the phone–this just in (well, last week).  The president actually does have a new phone.  His security detail has given him one that is secure–and a little harder to use for texting.  Somebody set the clock back.