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The transparent president

Steven Aftergood, of the Federation of American Scientists, noted today that the immediate publication of President Trump’s first three National Security Presidential Memoranda (NSPMs) in the Federal Register is “an act of unprecedented transparency.”  Typically, these things are highly classified.  So, why were these published?  Aftergood offers two suggestions–either it was a mistake or it was a publicity stunt.  Steven, do I really have to choose?  Either way, three cheers for transparency!  We might as well see this stuff coming.

Still in the news is the newly-minted ‘Muslim ban.’  Reaction from world leaders tends toward the negative, with a surprise nod from Australia and a predictable nod from the European far-right.  Digging into the archives, we also find a surprise dig from the human being who later became the vice-president.  To the north, Canada’s leader has gone out of his way to welcome Muslims but others in the country have not.

Finally, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are hoping to counter the administration’s move to promote dirty energy with their own to promote clean energy.  This with a view to mitigating human-induced climate change.  And yet, scientists have recently concluded that it wasn’t climate change at all that caused the mass extinction in Australia 45,000 years ago.  It was actually just humans.  At least climate change finally gets a break.


A view inside the Trump white house.  Credit:  Peter Trusler, Monash University