Ya fiahd

Donald Trump has figured out how to deal with his illegal immigration banfire the attorney general!  Yes, yes, that should do it nicely.  In fact, just to be sure it’s true, here it is reported by Fox ‘news’.  Well, that should bring the party together.  (Well, maybe not all of the parties.  And, then, there’s that pesky rest-of-the-civilized-world to contend with.  Even Canadian universities have joined forces to (politely) condemn this action.)  Hopefully, all the decent Americans will be back to full employment by next week and this will all blow over.  Still, it would be nice if the new administration would just ask around a bit before signing executive orders instead of just listening to new kid on the block, Steven Miller (who’s been running up and down the halls of power).  The swamp is getting full and the alligators don’t seem to have a plan.

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