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Carry the water

The president has just signed an executive order that will strike a blow to the ‘horrible‘ scourge of clean water that is currently plaguing the nation.  Republicans are applauding this bold move, but I think it is only out of their reflexive delight in anything that promotes pollution.  I read the order and I’m not sure what it actually does, other than ask the

“Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (Administrator) and the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works (Assistant Secretary) (to) review the final rule entitled “Clean Water Rule: Definition of ‘Waters of the United States,'” 80 Fed. Reg. 37054 (June 29, 2015)”

which you can find here (and here, in case it somehow disappears from there).  I think they’re trying to figure out the definition of water, so that anything that doesn’t meet the strict definition, in a legal sense, can be polluted, thus creating billions of jobs.

Also, the president gave a speech today, which, according to reliable sources, was, by far, the best speech that yumanity has ever experienced.  Ever.  Believe me.  Other sources disputed this claim, but were quickly dismissed by the reliable ones as FAKE NEWS.