Nevertheless, #ShePersisted

Jeff Sessions has just been confirmed as the next Attorney General (along the expected party lines), but the real news today is that Mitch McConnell seems to have just launched Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 campaign by telling her to shut up.  I wonder if the confirmation hearings for Neil Gorsuch will be nicer.  He seems like a much nicer guy to me ever since he called the president’s attacks on the judicial system ‘demoralizing’ and ‘disheartening.’

Morning consult/POLITICO just released the results of a recent poll that they conducted.  Results of interest include the high popularity of Trump’s Muslim ban (haven’t seen much of that in the news).  Results of less interest include Democrats’ desire for their elected officials to block Trump in pretty much everything (Obama Protocol redux, but blue instead of red).  Of course, the poll asks many timely questions.  Why not have a look for yourself, and, for the super geeks, check out the crosstabulation edition?

Finally, because I just can’t take my eyes off this guy, why not learn a little more about #PresidentBannon and his views of the world, including this quote:

“Darkness is good.  Dick Cheney, Darth Vader, Satan–that’s power. It only helps us when (outsiders) get it wrong–when they’re blind to who we are and what we’re doing.”–Steve Bannon (as quoted by Michael Wolff)

Why wasn’t there a confirmation hearing for that guy?  Spooky dude.

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