Party crashers

When I started this blog, I made it a goal to post for a month.  Now, I’m going to make it a goal to take a break.  I know this will leave the rest of the world in a bit of a quandary for a while, but I think it’s for the best.  We’ll see how long I last.

Michael Flynn is currently persona non grata now that he’s been caught making shady deals with the Russians just before Trump took office and lying about it.  This is not the first quality one looks for in a National Security Advisor.  It’s so bad even the administration is distancing itself from him.  (‘Flynn?  Sounds familiar.  Could you describe him?’)  It was a weird day.  While Stephen Miller was busy not providing any evidence at all whatsoever of voter fraud, a narcissistic, attention-grabbing demagogic national leader was being antagonistic and the president (Did you check the last link?  I meant someone else.) went golfing with his new buddy, the prime minister of Japan.  Maybe the US will step up its plans to stop North Korea from firing off rockets while the president golfs.

In the end, the president seized the day (and a few bridesmaids), when he noticed a wedding taking place on his golf course, not far from where he and Abe made their historic stand of unity against the far-off forces of disorder and chaos.

“I saw them out on the lawn today,” Trump said of the bride and groom, who were standing nearby. “I said to the Prime Minister of Japan, I said, ‘C’mon Shinzo, let’s go over and say hello.’ “
“They’ve been members of this club for a long time,” Trump said of the newlyweds. “They’ve paid me a fortune.”
I love that.  Really.  I do.
With apologies to the Prime Minister.

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