The week in review


The Swedes aren’t sure what terrorist attack they suffered over the weekend, but they’re prepared to keep the hordes at bay in the future.  It seems the president confused a show on Fox News for an actual event.

SpaceX has a new pad.

According to the Daily Caller, Trump is now in charge of NASA and is saving taxpayers billions of dollars.

A little wikidemia on narcissistic personality disorder and malignant narcissism, for those who think it might be good to know about such things.


Forget about immigrants–your job is going to a robot.  So, let’s tax the robots.  Unless, of course, they figure out how to outsmart us.  But, then we might have bigger problems.


Another robot burns in hell.

Call out the guard (original document).

Welcome to the U.S.  Please hand over your phone and password.

Party time!


One way or another, Michael Flynn seems to have had some help out the door by the intelligence community.  The reaction to this (bringing in another billionaire to watch the watchers) probably won’t be pretty.  Evidently there is a “Deep State” and it doesn’t seem to like the new administration much.  Or, maybe the Deep State is divided, given the players involved.

Those interested in catching up on Gorsuch rulings might start here.


Absolutely nothing happened today, except that the world discovered a long-hidden museum dedicated to Winston Churchill in Fulton, Missouri.  And Winston Churchill seems to have believed that not all aliens are bad.


Crazy Kim just killed his brother.

Dam shame in California.

Breitbart thinks it’s time for Reince Priebus to go.


All the president’s orders.

We will not be questioned.

Looking for pro-Trump coverage (in written form)?  Some suggestions (but not necessarily recommendations):

From a google search:

A Quora question

A plea from the Post

A reddit response

Papers that endorsed Trump

From personal correspondence:


Bannon’s war on Muslims.

The Steves wrote the inaugural address.

Out like Flynn.  Did he just take a bullet for the big guy?

Trump gets a few softballs.

It seems NAFTA is safe for now.


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