Be nice

A Google off shoot called Jigsaw has created a program to evaluate the ‘toxicity’ of comments.  Websites like Wikipedia and the New York Times are hoping it will cut down on the trolling that plague their sites.  (There was an interesting sample website up yesterday but today my website advisor thinks it’s toxic.  Bummer.)  I think it would be great to filter out useless, toxic comments on the internet, though I’m not sure what would be left.

It seems the administration is fed up with some of the FAKE NEWS (I’m not sure if this is an acronym but it always seems to be capitalized) newspapers and has dis-invited them from the party.  I wonder if this was Sean Spicer‘s idea.

What bothers me is this.  There seems to be no one to trust, in the opinion of the administration, except the administration.  As far as I can imagine, there are only two examples of leaders who maintain that no one can be trusted but themselves.  One is a cult and the other is a dictatorship.  Maybe my imagination is limited.

So, in case you’re wondering where the clearing house is for non-FAKE NEWS, I guess it must be here at Donald’s own website.  (Today’s news is that the stock market is higher because of something Trump said recently.)  Also featured on the site is a variety of promotional material.  You can get a nice shirt for only $18.  I don’t think they have this yet at, but it may be coming soon to a Nordstrom’s near you.



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