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VOICE squad

Well, we seem to have figured out the solution to the immigrant problem, if not the problem itself.  I have yet to see any data or statistics on this, but I feel as if the problem we are trying to solve is this:

  • illegal immigrants are coming into America
  • those illegal immigrants are committing crimes against non-illegal immigrants at a rate far higher than non-illegal immigrants are committing crimes against non-illegal immigrants
  • bad non-illegal immigrants (Obama, Clinton, media outlets, liberals) are encouraging this crime spree to the detriment of good non-illegal immigrants (Trump supporters)

Fortunately, Trump has the solution!  Track all of the crimes committed by illegal immigrants against non-illegal immigrants.  Or, does he want to track all of the crimes by all immigrants, whether legal or otherwise?  Hmm, should we include crimes committed by children of legal immigrants?  How about grandchildren?  Ok, this is getting a little difficult.  Perhaps we should just focus on the Muslims and Mexicans.  Would that make it easier?  Will we be comparing these statistics to the crimes committed by American citizens?  What will we do if American citizens commit more crimes than illegal Muslim immigrants?  Oh, that would be embarrassing, wouldn’t it?  We wouldn’t find that, would we?  Well, not if we don’t look…

Sound interesting?  Learn more here:

What’s the truth?  Come on, we’ve covered that.  Whatever makes you happy.  Pick one.