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Lightly grilled on the gridiron

I had no idea this was a thing.  One of the last of the white-tie events, the Gridiron Club‘s politico-media soiree is kind of like the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner in April–except that it happens in March.  The point is, it has parody songs.  (That should be worth the cost of the white ties and evening gowns.)  Here are a few of the titles that I thought were clever (let me know if you find these on youtube):

“White Man’s Brigade” sung to the tune of “YMCA.”

“We’re a Bunch of Rich Men” sung to “If I Were a Rich Man.”

“We’re Trump Family” sung to “We Are Family.”

And, “The Liberal Old Lady From Academia,” sung to a beach boys song (guess it!), about everyone’s favorite persister.

If I knew that important people got to go to fun stuff like this, I definitely would have made more effort in life to be important.  Weird Al, eat your heart out!