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Year zero

Picking up from yesterday’s discussion of Made-in-the-USA malware, Wikileaks has released a trove of internal CIA documents that provide helpful hints for anyone interested in spying on people (bad people, of course) by hacking into their computers, phones, and television sets.  Yes, television sets (but only the ‘smart’ ones).  Needless to say (but evidently worthy of column space), the US intelligence community is incensed that anyone other than itself might use these practices.  After all, these tools should only be used by good people to spy on bad people, right?

So, what’s in the vault?  There seem to be a lot of documents with funny names.  You can learn how to hack into TVs, phones, computers (as noted above), web browsers, and other such things.  I haven’t yet found the instructions for how to hack into communist missiles or reality show host campaign headquarters, but they must be in there somewhere.  If you find them, let me know.  They might come in handy.