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Women’s day off

Happy International Women’s Day!  According to the New York Times, “protesters around the world will celebrate International Women’s Day by showing their economies what a day without women’s work, paid or unpaid, is like.”  I’m not sure how much it was a protest and how much a celebration, but I suppose it could be both.  If they were angry today, though, they weren’t alone.  The FBI is angrily hunting moles, China is upset at North Korea and the US (for being upset with each other), and the medical community seems to be upset with the Republican’s alternative to Obamacare.  In other words, kind of a slow news day.

Unless, that is, you happen to be the pilot or the parachutist who recently collided near the ground in Florida.  The great thing about this picture (other than the pictures that follow it) is that both guys walked away from this one.  In my opinion, though, somebody owes somebody a plane.