Smoke ’em if ya got ’em

I try not to double dip on these posts, but I feel I have to go back to Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s recent jaunt to Texas to sell oil (referenced yesterday).  I haven’t heard whether Texas has reciprocated by sending a high ranking official to Canada to sell snow, but that may come later.  While the speech seemed to be something of an apology (a Canadian thing) to both the right and the left, the quote that floats to the surface is this:

No country would find 173 billion barrels of oil in the ground and just leave them there.”

Let that sink in.  No country?  Really?  Not even a progressive land like Iran or the UAE?  Surely, some country somewhere must be responsible enough to avoid exploiting all of its non-renewable resources, especially those resources that are directly linked to environmental harm and climate change, especially when those resources cost more to extract than they are worth to sell, and especially when those resources will be used by other countries to out-compete the country that produces them.  It’s like saying, ‘No country would find thousands of hectares of old-growth forest and leave them standing’, or, ‘No country would leave uranium in the ground just because it had no way to dispose of it later.’  Yes, some countries would.  Responsible countries would do just that.

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