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When the saints come marching in

Iowa Representative Steve King has recommended some spring reading for us.  It’s a fun little French romp called, “The Camp of the Saints.”  It’s that book that Steve Bannon keeps referring to. (Available here if you want to buy it for $2,000–slightly cheaper in Canada!–or here for free.)  It’s a 1973 novel by Jean Raspail that described the overthrow of Europe by invading hordes of darkies.  Crazy, right?  Well, I suppose it could happen.  It might even be happening now–I really don’t know.  The point is, there are people who do believe it is happening (or will happen) unless some drastic action is taken.  These folks also fear for the failing whiteness of America (and ‘American culture’).  Now, you don’t have to accept the idea that this invasion is coming, and you don’t have to reject it.  But, you should be aware that there are people in Europe who believe it.  There are people in America who believe it.  And, there are people in the White House who believe it.

They’re scared and they’re powerful.  And, they’re making plans.