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Yo ho, yo ho!

Remember when Somali pirates used to capture ships and no one knew what to do about it?  Well, they’re back!  Why?  Believe it or not, they do have their reasons.  These guys aren’t just born pirates.  They’re born fishermen.  Then, foreigners came and illegally poached their fish.  Then, their villages started starving.  So, they’ve gone back to pirating.  (It’s more like this and less like this.)  I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise.  The world is running out of stuff to eat (like fish) and it has to feed more people.  Too bad the Somalis can’t afford better border control.

Speaking of border control, The Netherlands just finished its election, and it seems they aren’t quite ready to build the wall just yet.  Sorry Geert–better luck next time.

If you’re wondering what all the paranoia in the White House is about, you’re not alone.  It may be due to the new poll that’s out.  It shows that there is finally something that Trump supporters don’t like about Trump.  You can look for it in the poll, or just cheat (as I would) and see it here.


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