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I have to admit that there are many days when I think there will simply be nothing absurd in the news all day long.  And then the man comes through.  Somehow, he just always produces.  While Brittan is busy dealing with a tragedy on the Thames (known in America as “Wednesday“), North Korea fails to get it up, and Devin Nunes dropped a bombshell that seems to be a dud, The President of the United States of America had more important matters to attend to.  It seems the president was under attack, and, this time is wasn’t a White House fence jumper.  No, much more dangerous.  A hacker!  A violent hacker with malicious intent!  Ok, I’ll get to it.  A 17-year old girl put together a website where you could pretend to be a cat that scratches Donald Trump and he sent a cease-and-desist order to get her to take it down.  (story here, here, here, & here)  Once again, the world is safe.  The depraved teenager (a liberal, no doubt) had this to say:

“The fact that as president he still has teams going around bothering to shut down silly sites like mine is outrageous,” says Lucy. “Literally all my site is, is punching him with kitten paws. A president should not have the time or care to hire people to shut sites like mine down. He should be running the country, not tweeting about TV ratings or anything else like that.”


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