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Sometimes, if you wait long enough, things start to make sense.  Trump, for example, makes a bit more sense when you find out about Robert Mercer.  A recent article in the New Yorker by Jane Mayer discusses Mercer at some length, presenting him as a billionaire that has managed to out-Koch the Koch brothers by promoting a libertarian agenda and helping Trump get elected.  (A briefer discussion is here.)

For an in-depth consideration of Trump’s relationship with Moscow, and a Russian perspective on the last few American presidents, Foreign Affairs has a lengthy article as well.

Trump has threatened that the Republicans had better carry out his healthcare repeal or else he will give up on the idea.  (Here’s what’s on the chopping block.)  That seems pretty clever to me.  He gets to shelve his signature campaign promise and blame it on his own party.

Sorry this post isn’t more interesting.  There is a lot of reading in these links, though, for the motivated.


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