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Is Russia being a bit extreme?

It seems that the latest attack in Syria has rattled the US president.  He sounds like he may be ready to fix Syria.  Well, why not?  Although, if Mosul is any indication, this may not be good news for the Syrian civilians.

Stephen Bannon is no longer on the National Security Council (The Atlantic, Bloomberg, NYT)  .  That may be as boring as it sounds, but I just like to keep my eye on what that guy is up to.  Love me some Stephen Bannon.

Still wondering what Ivanka Trump’s job is?  Don’t feel bad–so is she.

Russia is poised to crack down on an extremist religion.  Although, after reading about this in TASS, Christianity Today, BBC, News Ghana (I knew that subscription would pay off someday), NYT, and Time, I still can’t figure out what it does that is extreme.

Finally, a group of high school journalists in Kansas has lived the ultimate high school journalist fantasy by outing their school principal as a fraud by doing actual investigative journalism.  Now, if we could just convince them to investigate their president…


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