Bombs away!

It now officially doesn’t matter all that much whether Syrian president Assad bombed civilians with chemical weapons or whether he bombed an ISIS warehouse that contained them.  The point is, the new US administration is now in the game.  Trump went big by sending 59 Tomahawk missiles to an air base in Syria.  That air base must be feeling really sheepish about now.  I hope it’s learned its lesson (al jazeera, the guardianabc news, NYT, the New Yorker).

Was it just me, or was March a really gloomy month in Vancouver?  Turns out, it was both of us.

Someday, I would like my children to attend college.  Maybe a nice one.  They will have to talk about their interesting childhood in their admission essay.  Somehow, I think that whatever they come up with, it will pale in comparison to the little girl who was raised by monkeys.  (Not that I claim to be doing any better.  I just think that’s got to be pretty impressive on an admission essay.)

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