A message from mother

Remember Afghanistan?  Go back–last U.S. president.  Nothing?  Ok, think of the one before that.  bin Laden?  Patriot act?  That’s right, that Afghanistan.  The one where everybody lives in caves.  Well, the U.S. just dropped the biggest conventional bomb it has on a cave in Afghanistan.  Why?  Well, that’s not so clear.  My guess it that it was for the same reason it dropped a bunch of Tomahawk missiles on Syria, although the reason for that isn’t entirely clear either (The Free Thought Project, Voltairenet, The Unz Review, truthdig).  My guess is that this is all a bunch of chest-thumping aimed at North Korea.  Are they scared?  Well, if they are, they’re trying not to show it.  They just had a fancy military parade to show how unafraid they are.  They also tried to shoot off their new long-range missile.  Unfortunately for them, it didn’t get a lot of air time.  Unfortunately for the world, the North Koreans don’t let a few misfires dampen their enthusiasm for long.  I don’t think they’re going to give up the effort until they’re sure they can park a few nukes on the U.S. mainland, and the new U.S. administration is giving them little reason to think that that is a bad strategy.

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