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Nuclear family

North Korea would really like to join the ranks of countries that could end the world.  They’ve been busy digging tunnels and firing missiles and they will probably set off another nuclear bomb soon.  They’ll also probably have a missile that can reach Washington D.C. soon.  How long until they can put a little nuclear bomb on a big missile?  That may be a while, but their leader is young and focused, and nothing seems to stand in his way.  The U.S. V.P. is has been sent to the North Korean border on, I’m guessing, a dare.  I doubt the U.S. P. will get that close to the action anytime soon.  With the V.P. in South Korea, and the Secretary of State in Russia, GCHQ will have its hands full figuring out what they’re all up to.  Good luck, boys!  Come home safe.


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