Nuclear volleyball

If you want to know how North Korea got to be a nuclear power, have a look at today’s article in the Post.  If you want to speculate about where they get their money, read Fox.  But, if you want to know what they’re up to right now, check out the Times.  The answer may surprise you.  Sourcing from (a kinda quirky little website called) 38 North, the NYT reports that the North Koreans are currently playing volleyball.  That’s right, volleyball–right at the Punggye-ri nuclear test site.  As if we all didn’t have enough to worry about.  But, what, you ask, does it all mean?

According to veteran North Korean analyst Joseph Bermudez:

“It suggests that the facility might be going into a standby mode.  It also suggests that these volleyball games are being conducted with the North Koreans knowing that we’ll be looking and reporting on it.  They’re either sending us a message that they’ve put the facility on standby, or they’re trying to deceive us.  We really don’t know.”

Or, they just like to play volleyball.  (At least they aren’t playing football.)  Stay tuned campers, I feel a nuclear bomb is about to go off.

Speaking of bombs going off, I’m just a bit sorry to see Bill O’Reilly go.  I know that as a non-Fox-watching human I’m supposed to hate him, but I actually liked seeing him as a guest with Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart.  I thought he made thoughtful comments.  I’m not sure whether he’ll be acquitted, absolved, or hung out to dry, but Fox sure seems to be running out of blowhards.


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