Is Canada milking the U.S.?

So far, the new U.S. administration has failed to get Mexico to pay for a border wall, Germany to pay for NATO, or North Korea to stop shooting missiles.  It’s clearly time to focus on a new country.  But, which vile, rogue state might be brought to heal in time for the impending 100-day show-us-what-you’ve-done mark?  How about Canada?  President Trump is suddenly very concerned about Canadian milk.  Canada has put in place a new pricing structure for ultra-filtered milk that has caused spillover effects to the American dairy industry and soured relations between the two countries.  In fact, the administration is now threatening a trade war by placing tariffs on Canadian lumber.  (I don’t understand how punishing lumber teaches the cows a lesson, but I’m not an economist.)  I hope this little imbroglio doesn’t escalate (at least not until I get permanent residency).  If the president can’t find a peaceful resolution for cheddar cheese and 2×4’s, I doubt he’ll do much better in a nuclear standoff.

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