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Nuclear collapse

So, there’s been a little accident at a nuclear processing plant on the border of Washington State and Oregon State.  It’s nothing to worry about–totally under control–completely safe.  Just another day.  There was this underground tunnel that collapsed (as tunnels sometimes do) at the place where the U.S. keeps more of its nuclear waste and radioactive contamination than anywhere else.  It’s a fitting metaphor for the global nuclear power industry, which also seems to be in collapse.  Good thing that the problem is over now, with no earthquakes on the way.  It would be a shame to have another Fukushima-like scenario.  You know, nuclear energy was always just a pathetic byproduct that could never pay for itself.  The point of nuclear reactors is to make plutonium so you can make nuclear bombs.  Energy and nuclear waste are just the rubbish left over.  We kind of know what to do with the one and have abso-freaking-lutely no idea what to do with the other.  Iodine, anyone?


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