One of the few things that Republicans and Democrats in the US Congress seem to be able to agree on is Iran.  Everyone loves to hate Iran.  When the United States president reacted to the recent terrorist event in Iran by mocking Iran, no one (other than Iran) seemed to mind.  After all, isn’t Iran a major sponsor of terrorism?  Isn’t this just a case of the chickens coming home to roost (albeit, rather violently, for chickens)?  Isn’t Iran a “rogue state“?

Interesting place, Iran.  Fans of CIA history (a MAJOR subculture among readers of this blog) remember  that a few decades ago another rogue state found a way to overthrow the democratically elected leader of this country.  This led to some ill will, and, eventually, a taking of some hostages (more roosting chickens), and a cooling of international relations.  Well, much of this history between the US and Iran has been officially buried–until today!  Thanks to the sharp eyes of Steven Aftergood, we now know that the Office of the Historian (I bet there’s more than one) has provided a full official history of the US involvement in the overthrow of Mohammad Mosadeq.

So, now let’s turn on the irony machine.  The US accuses Iran of sponsoring terrorism and Russia of interfering in the US election.  Well, the US cut its teeth on interfering in the democracy of other nations by starting with Iran.  It worked so well, the CIA went on to try this trick all over the world.  As for sponsoring terrorism, remember how Saudi Arabia just accused Qatar (and the US accuses Iran) of doing this?  Well, Iran just accused Saudi Arabia of doing the same.  Can you imagine anything so ironic?  US ally Saudi Arabia–supporting terrorism?  Next thing you know, we’ll hear that Saudi Arabia is being sued for its involvement in the terrorist strike on the US on 9/11/01 and that its ambassador, ‘Bandar Bush‘ was implicated in the planning of it in highly classified files that were recently released.  Yes, that would be ironic.

It would be almost as ironic as a US navy destroyer being run over by a Philippine-flagged cargo ship in the sea of Japan (CNN, BBC, WP, FOX) when the US’s only real leverage over North Korea is its ability to appear competent.  With all respect for the sailors lost at sea and the folks who love them, the irony sometimes stings.

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