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Hersh reality

Seymour Hersh has a way of confirming my most cynical suspicions.  It seems that whenever there is some niggling minority report that is generally dismissed as wacky nonsense, especially when it makes the establishment look bad, Hersh later comes along and shows, with impeccable sourcing, why the dominant narrative was wrong and how naive we were to believe it.  So it goes with his recent expose showing that Syria did NOT use chemical weapons in it’s recent bombing (the bombing that precipitated the US administration’s rash, awkward, and feckless response).  The odd thing this time is that Hersh’s article isn’t found in the New Yorker.  Why?  What could possibly come between Hersh and the New Yorker?  I hope I’m not going to have to pick sides, although, if Hersh gets custody of the cartoons, I probably will.


I’m trying to figure out if there have been fewer terrorist incidents since Trump’s inauguration.  Has anyone been keeping count?  Trump was very proud of himself for being able to say ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ in public.  He would probably also have fun deriding ‘eco-terrorists’ and other left-wing extremists, but are there right-wing terrorists in the US, too?  It seems so.  According to an article in Reveal, there have been about twice as many right-wing terrorist incidents as Islamic incidents in the last nine years.  Time to close the borders.


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