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Alex Jones

It’s 10:30pm and I’m listening to local fireworks celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary.  I’m listening and not watching because it takes so long to get dark outside this time of year that the kids are long asleep before the fireworks start.  Happy birthday, Canada.


But the real story tonight is space.  Not only was yesterday International Asteroid Awareness Day (started two years ago by astrophysicist and lead guitarist of Queen!), the U.S. president has issued a “Presidential Executive Order on Reviving the National Space Council.”  “Why?” you ask.

(b) In particular, the Council is directed to:

(i) review United States Government space policy, including long-range goals, and develop a strategy for national space activities;

(ii) develop recommendations for the President on space policy and space-related issues;

(iii) monitor and coordinate implementation of the objectives of the President’s national space policy and strategy;

(iv) foster close coordination, cooperation, and technology and information exchange among the civil, national security, and commercial space sectors;

(v) advise on participation in international space activities conducted by the United States Government; and

(vi) facilitate the resolution of differences concerning major space and space-related policy matters.

So, this may be part of a big push to go to Mars.  It’s unclear to me what exactly the president’s “national space policy and strategy” is, but, as the president wisely noted, “At some point in the future, we’re going to look back and say how did we do it without space?”  Indeed, space will certainly be involved in this effort.  But what will we find on Mars, if we go there?  According to the Alex Jones show, the answer may be surprising.

A guest on Jones’ show on Thursday, Robert David Steele, has confirmed what none of us has suspected all along–that NASA is kidnapping children and sending them to Mars to be slaves.  NASA (in typical NASA fashion) denies this (Daily Beast,, WP).  Instead, they claim to be trying to figure out how to stop asteroids, which, I suppose, is a fitting thing to be doing (or pretend to be doing) on Asteroid day.  It’s not like the asteroids are our friends after all.  But, let’s get back to Jones.  I don’t see a reference to Robert David Steele on the Thursday show (please feel free to listen for it on the four-hour broadcast and let me know where it happens), but the man is certainly a regular on Jones’ show.

So, here’s the deal.  Is Jones a lunatic?  It hardly matters.  Jones is a showman who panders to the lunatics.  This, in itself, is not so problematic.  There are charlatans out there for all of us.  What concerns me is that Jones is the answer to a question.  And, the questions is this, ‘Who can trump Trump?’  When Trump flames out, as he must, and his furious groupies are looking for a 2020 replacement, who will they look to?  Trace the trajectory of Republican presidents over the last few decades and you can see that there is really only one suitable candidate for the next U.S. general election–a man with even more self-aggrandizing, shameless, unhinged bombast than the current man in office.  Alex Jones, 2020.  Don’t say you weren’t warned.  Maybe the Martian kids aren’t so bad off after all.


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