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Jeff Sessions

I know–you’re thinking the title of this blog entry should be Sean Spicer.  Or, maybe, Gerald R. Ford.  Sure, those are good back-ups.  But, it was just a matter of time before poor Sean would have been thrown from the bull and it was just another matter of time before the US navy ran out of real presidents to name their big boats after.  It’s not like they can call them Cadillacs.

Jeff Sessions is in the news (albeit a bit buried) because he now seems to be caught up in the Russia scandal along with so many others in the administration.  Also, his limited hangouts are becoming progressively less limited (First he didn’t meet with the Russians, then he didn’t recall, then they didn’t talk politics, then maybe they did but not about the election, then maybe about the election but nothing important…).  I guess you have to be pretty dirty to become the US attorney general and all but it does seem like kind of a shame when the guy gets to do a photo op after the major take down of darkweb black markets AlphaBay and Hansa and then, instead of kudos, gets busted for having illicit meetings to support the Trump campaign AND gets publicly dressed down by Trump in return.  I’d love to be in a bar having a beer with Jeff and Sean right now.  At least one of them would be happy.


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