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In range

What’s different today?  Reince Priebus leaving the White House?  John Kelly coming in?  John McCain, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski briefly breaking ranks with their party to join civilization in the fight for health care?  Yes, sure, and those things would have been notable if not for the fact that, for the first time, North Korea can bomb most of the United States.  Furthermore, the US can do nothing about it beside make the usual empty threats and postures.  Less than a month ago, North Korea tested a missile that could reach Alaska and Hawaii.  Some folks on the continent probably comforted themselves with the thought that North Korea was far from having a missile that could reach them.  Some now are speculating that North Korea is far from having a missile that can reach the US with a nuclear warhead.  Meanwhile, North Korea’s ambition continues apace.  Their goal is clear–to have the capability of setting off nuclear bombs in the United States.  Nothing, it seems, will stop them.  And, today, they just passed a very important threshold.  Today, the US mainland is truly in range.

And the US administration is falling apart.


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