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Locked and loaded

Well, I suppose it was just a matter of time, but it does seem as if North Korea won the Korean War today.  They have now achieved their goal of creating, not only working ICBMs that can reach the United States, but nuclear weapons small enough to fit on them.  Those who take comfort in the idea that the United States will do more damage to North Korea than North Korea will do to the United States in a nuclear exchange miss a fundamental point, namely that North Korea will survive and the U.S. won’t.  Picture North Korea.  Now picture North Korea after the apocalypse.  About the same, right?  Either way, Kim Jong Un will be the last surviving North Korean.  Now picture the U.S. after losing a few major cities.  They can’t even rebuild New Orleans after a flood or Detroit after some factories shut down.  Can you imagine how quickly the economy will tank after a nuclear war?

In response to the news, the president of the United States pulled some Un-like rhetoric out of his posterior.  Then the leader of North Korea pulled some Trump-like rhetoric out of his own. Remember when the North Korean leader was the only crazy one?

After that, the news just gets weirder, so, we may as well get it out of the way.

Good night and good luck.