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Donald Trump held a press conference in which he dearly wanted to talk about his plan to save the country by allowing critical infrastructure to flood (once a developer, always a developer), but the pesky press kept hammering away at his reaction to the recent White Supremacy rally in Virginia.  Trump seemed determined to share blame for the recent violence equally between both violent extremists and non-violent non-extremists.  Most coverage seemed unsympathetic to his arguments.  I’ll venture to say that this is Trump’s first real domestic crisis (coming on the heals of his first foreign crisis).  Whether this fiasco will become eclipsed by his next bit of antagonistic buffoonery or metastasize into his own Hurricane Katrina remains to be seen.


Although it’s little comfort for the rest of us, if the rise of the neo-nasties in Trump’s America is a harbinger of greater devastation, at least there are a few billionaires with plans to survive.


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