Today, the most prominent Trump-inspired domestic terror suspect to date was arrested in connection with a series of bombs sent to prominent targets of the president of the United States’ vitriol (Fox News, NYT, The State, New York Post, New York Post, Daily Beast, Reuters, The Hill, Independent, USA Today, The New Yorker, CBS).  It is noteworthy that all of these enemies of the president live within the United States.  The president (NBC) and others (Washington Examiner) have been quick to paint the president himself as the real victim of this terrorism.   Trump has also tried to distance himself (and his rhetoric) from the suspect, ardent Trump supporter Cesar Altieri Sayoc, claiming, “I heard he was a person that preferred me over others but I did not see that.” (CBS)  A former attorney for Sayoc has described him as intellectually limited, noting,

“I believe he has issues comprehending concepts.  He is like a little boy in a man’s body.”  (NPR)

It seems he found a hero that he could truly relate to.

cesar sayoc


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