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A few rockets more

Somebody just fired a half dozen rockets at another military base in Iraq (Aljazeera, Reuters, DW, Time, The Times of Isreal, ABC), but no one is claiming responsibility.  It’s hard to imagine who would stand to gain from this attack.

We seem to have confirmation that the “imminent threat” posed by Qassem Soleimani being alive was more of a vague unease (Reuters).  According to U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper, President Trump figured “there probably could be additional attacks against embassies.”  Who knows?  Coulda been.  Might still could be.  I hope the ‘cooler heads’ at Fox News will continue to prevent Trump from further escalation (Politico, AP).

And the poor Iranian people, who, for a few glorious hours, might have delighted in their government’s brilliant (and fortunate) response to the recent U.S. provocation, are back to protesting after getting confirmation that it was their own military that shot down the passenger plane (BBC) and that their own government made a lame attempt to cover it up.

It seems as if the U.S. and Iranian administrations are simply trying to outdo each other’s ability to tell silly stories.  Based on the level of protests, the Iranians currently seem to be ahead.



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