One of the accomplishments touted by the current U.S. administration is the ‘return’ of manufacturing to the United States. While, by some counts, manufacturing jobs have seen an uptick since 2017, there has been no manufacturing renaissance–certainly no return to levels seen several decades ago when America had much more of a manufacturing presence on the world stage. A notable victory claimed by the administration involves a deal to bring Foxconn to Wisconsin. Remember Foxconn? Here they are: Wired, WSJ, The Guardian. Great jobs. The suicides went down after they installed the nets. So, Trump made a deal to get them to bring jobs to Wisconsin (People’s World, The Atlantic, Washington Examiner). Thousands of jobs. But, those jobs never came (The Verge, Wikipedia, Ars Technica). It looks like they never will (The Verge). Foxconn built a few buildings, but it has changed their use from manufacturing to storage. Perhaps they’re going to bring storage back to America. I suppose that makes sense. It’s probably only going to get cheaper.

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