Election fraud

Ever since the media called the 2020 presidential election (AP) in favor of Joe Biden, Donald Trump has claimed that the election was not legitimate. Several republicans have also supported this view (AP, Fox, Fox), even though there has been absolutely no evidence of substantial fraud or irregularities (NBC, NBC, NYT). In fact, the election was particularly free from these issues for two reasons. First, Trump’s predictions of voting fraud leading up to the election led to higher levels of monitoring, and, second, the pandemic lead to higher levels of mail-in voting, which gave officials more time to count the votes. Further, Trump seems to have gotten more votes, by far, than polls suggested he would, so that if fraud did indeed occur, statistically, it was likely in his favor. Some people seem shocked that Trump would seek to delegitimize the election process, but this is entirely in character. He has never failed to attack anyone or anything that doesn’t fawn over him, and his mandate has always been to dismantle the establishment rather than improve it. He’s like a bad tenant with an eviction notice. The only question is how much more damage he can do before he leaves.

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