Sidney Powell

Recently, the leading attorneys trying to convince us that, contrary to all evidence, Donald Trump really won the 2020 U.S. election, held a press conference that was both amusing and frightening (WP, BBC). While one of them, Rudolph Giuliani, had his share of wild stories, the wildest seemed to be reserved for Sidney Powell, who claimed that Venezuela, China, and Cuba all conspired to overthrow the election (and succeeded). Of course, she offered no proof. And here’s where it gets weird, even by current standards: Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson, who never restrains his praise for all things Trump, actually called her on it (Fox, WP). Of course, Powell responded by whining and claiming she had been treated ‘rudely’ (Breitbart, Newsweek). She claimed she offered to have someone else explain it all because she’s “not really a numbers person.” It’s just so depressingly pathetic. Will they give up after Monday, when the votes in battleground states Michigan and Pennsylvania are certified (USA Today)? My guess is, not if they’re still on the payroll.

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