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Electoral College

The electoral college (FAS, FAS) has affirmed Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 presidential election in the United States of America (NYT). Typically, this is a completely formalistic non-event. It’s significance this year is only due to the crazed and wholly unsupported allegations of the loser. This election is a bit like seeing a spurned former lover who crashes a wedding to protest not being chosen as the groom. “Hey, they’re not married yet, they haven’t said their vows….Nothing’s official until they kiss….Wait, nobody said ‘man and wife’….Ok, but who’s witnessed the consummation? This thing’s rigged! I married that woman in a landslide!” Well, anyway, now perhaps the current lame duck president will put selfish narcissism aside and spend the next month putting the country first by uniting Americans behind their incoming president. Hey, come on, it could happen.


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