A real nut job

Is it safe?  Can I post now?  Is he gone?  Out of the country?  Unlikely to produce any more domestic gaffes?  Unlikely to fire anyone else investigating him?  Unable to obstruct justice?  Far from the dangerous questions that plague him so?  Even farther from the aides who are unable to protect him from himself?  Far from his Russian friends?  My, but it’s been a strange couple of weeks.  Poor Donald Trump.  Even his sole source of reliable news is diminished.  One of Fox ‘News’ rich old racist white guys just got fired, just after another one of their rich old sexist white guys got fired and their premier rich old racist sexist white guy died.  Maybe things will be quiet around here for awhile.  At least until the rich-old-white-guy-in-chief gets back.  Until then, party on!

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