Sebastian Gorka

Now that most of the people I’ve come to recognize have left the Trump administration, it seems the B-players are now joining the exodus.  I had never heard of Sebastian Gorka until I found out he was gone (NYT, theblaze, WP).  And, I only just barely found this out, given his departure amid both a hurricane and a Friday night bad news dump.  He claims he resigned (even writing a letter as evidence), but the administration says otherwise.  It seems he’s going back to Breitbart from whence he came, joining his buddy Steve Bannon.  Was this latest ouster a further attempt to play down the Charlottesville fiasco?  Was it due to Gorka’s opposition to the Afghanistan ramp up?  What’s going on this time?  Come to think of it, the Afghan war is pretty stupid, isn’t it?  20170824_Afghanistan

Kinda makes me wish this guy had stuck around–at least long enough to get to know him.


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