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Come on, get happy!

While the Take is no longer Daily, it has been around long enough to be able to report again on annual happenings–happenings such as the annual World Happiness report (see last year’s brilliant reporting here).  This year’s Happiness report (NYT, original report, pdf version, data) finds Finland to be the happiest country in which to live.  I find this rather amazing.  I’ve been to Finland.  Somehow, the things that come to my mind when I think of Finland include bleak landscapes, dreary weather, depression, alcoholism, and suicide.  Please believe that I have nothing against the Fins.  I’m just impressed at how distorted my view of Finland has been.  Sorry Finland.  Oh, they don’t care what I think, the happy bastards.

Speaking of happiness, it’s a bit sad that Stephen Hawking died, but it’s kind of a happy thing that he lived as long as he did.  Also, today was pi day (3/14), and I had some pretty good pie–and I’m pretty happy about that.

2018 world happiness report chart_Page_20

2018 world happiness report chart_Page_21

2018 world happiness report chart_Page_22
All images from World Happiness Report 2018

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