Today, 54 years after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, in the interests of open government and full disclosure, the U.S. government released all of the previously withheld documents related to the assassination that fail to implicate anyone in the U.S. government in the assassination.  The rest of the files are still secret (NPR, WP, The Atlantic).

If you would like to see these newly released files, you can go here.  If you want to know more about the process of releasing the files, look here.  You can also download them by clicking on the links below (Completely download all 11 files to the same directory then open jfk.zip to unzip all–you’ll need room for about 26 gigs of data.):

What’s inside?  I hope someone will sort through it all soon.  I’m curious, but who has the time?  Will we find out how Lee Oswald could fire a Carcano rifle three times in 8.3 seconds, hitting a moving target twice at 80 yards?  Will we find out why Jack Ruby shot Oswald?  Will we find out what the FBI and CIA still want to keep secret after 54 years?  Probably not.
Supposedly, there will be another chance to release the last of the records on the assassination in six months.  I guess the information they contain won’t be so dangerous then.  Will we find the smoking Carcano in April?  Probably not.
Speaking of conspiracies, President Trump just declared the opioid crisis in America a “public health emergency.”  It seems that he was going to declare it a plain old “national emergency,” but that would have necessitated funding (NPR, CNN), so he didn’t.  So, it seems we have a label, but no plan and no money.  You know who we should hit up for cash?  The Sackler boys–Arthur, Mortimer, and Raymond Sackler.  Nice guys.  All doctors.  Funded wings of a bunch of museums.  Unfortunately, they’re all dead now.  How did they make their money?  They started the opioid crisis.  Because of them, hundreds of thousands of Americans are dead.
Well, at least the Sacklers didn’t kill a president.  Then again, maybe we should withhold judgement until April.

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