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Race wars – a new Hope

If there were one thing we could count on Donald Trump to do, it was unite the business community.  After all, he was one of them!  He could speak their lingo, make the deals, talk the talk, do the thing.  It kind of worked, I guess, for a while.  Then, he just got too racist.  See, you can be openly racist in America.  And, you can be a highly visible corporate CEO.  But, you can’t be both.  You can’t even hang out with racists, even when they are the president of a country.  It’s just bad press.  It hurts sales.  So Trump’s CEO buddies are backing out of the white house.  Nothing personal, really, they just don’t want to be associated with the current administration.  It’s bad for business.

Meanwhile, Trump found a lovely (and very loyal) fashion model to join his team as communications director.  I can do no better than to end with a quote from the furthest right-wing news source I know of, the Daily Caller, to describe the virtues of this new white house addition:

“My father makes people earn his trust,” Ivanka told The New York Times about Hicks in an interview for a June profile. “She’s earned his trust.”

Trump reportedly loves that Hicks can read his moods and execute her job accordingly with professionalism. “Her most important role is her bond with the candidate,” his former campaign manager Paul Manafort told The NYT. “She totally understands him.”

Hicks did not respond to a request for comment.


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