It can be tough to find out that the one you’ve entrusted with your daily thoughts and cares has betrayed your trust.  I mean, maybe you’ve always suspected–even known, down deep, that it was probably true–but, still, somehow, to have it exposed for all the world to see, well, let’s face it–it hurts.  In fact, let’s Facebook it, because this is too good to keep to ourselves.  All of our friends would love to hear about…wait, no, there we go again…we’re doing it, aren’t we?  We’re sharing.  We love to share!  Sharing is caring, right?  Or, at least, it gives us something to do.  And, it’s free!  Just a few ads.  We can ignore them.  No problem.  Besides, what could anybody possibly care what we ate for breakfast?  It’s hard enough to get our friends to like that stuff, and they’re our friends, for goodness sake.  Who else could possibly care what we do?  Who else could possibly want our data?  What would they possibly do with it?  It’s not as if anyone is going to use it to influence an election or anything, right?  Right?

Well, now some folks have found out that Facebook uses their data and these folks are highly put out about this.  Supposedly people are even–brace for it–DELETING their Facebook accounts (Wired, USA Today, Tech Advisor, Twitter).  In fact, there has been one confirmed report of someone actually doing this.  However, other than people who have blown up Facebook satellites, I don’t know whether anyone else has deleted their Facebook account.  It doesn’t seem too difficult.  You can even download your Facebook data first.  In fact, you might just want to do that anyway.  They certainly have plenty of it, and they’re not shy about using it–or selling it.

Hmm, maybe it’s not such a bad idea to delete my Facebook account after all.  I mean, I could quit anytime if I want to.  What do you think?  Probably the right thing to do, huh?  Ok, ready?  Here we go, on three.



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