From Russia with love

Weird stuff is coming out of Bob Mueller’s little investigation.  It seems that Russia mounted an extensive psy-op against the American public leading up to the last presidential election.  Donald Trump says it’s a fake-news hoax, but the investigative panel seems to differ (NYT, WP, AdAge, AdAge, VOA, SF Gate).  Media companies, such as Facebook, appear to be very sorry about all of this, even as their ad revenues soar.  What’s interesting about this is not that Russia meddled in the U.S. election.  Why wouldn’t they?  What I find interesting are two things.  First, while they obviously wanted Trump to win, the main thing they were interested in was splitting the country ideologically.  (Did they really think America couldn’t do that on its own?).  Second, they didn’t care if they got caught.  It’s almost as if they thought they could get away with it.  Silly Russians!  Don’t they realize that the U.S. Congress will now put a stop to such shenanigans and the country will put aside its senseless bickering?


Speaking of weird stuff coming out, why did the CIA just release a bunch of files on Osama bin Laden (CNN)?  That seems a very un-CIA-like thing to do.  They say they did this “in an effort to further enhance public understanding of al-Qa’ida.”  There seems to be about 600 gigs of data available for download.  I’d better get started.  I can feel the public understanding enhancing already.

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