Scott Pruitt gets grilled

Scott Pruitt, the new head of the United States Environmental Protection Agency just went on Fox ‘News’ and celebrated the benefits of burning coal.  That’s only weird if you know that the Environmental Protection Agency’s job is to protect the environment.  And, even then, by today’s standards it’s only a little weird.  Here’s the really weird part–the interviewer on Fox ‘News’ asked Pruitt some tough questions–like, what about all of the people who are going to die because of the removal of regulations that, you know, prevent people from dying.  The fun part is listening to what everyone thought happened.  Breitbart thought that Pruitt failed to properly defend climate change denial.  The Washington Post thought he did a great job of looking like a moron.  Fox ‘News’ thought he did a great job of representing the administration.  What do you think?

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