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Tracking down the source

Here’s a brief summary of our latest fiasco for those keeping track.  Press secretary Sean Spicer said that Brittan’s intelligence agency, GCHQ, spied on Donald Trump when he was running for president of the United States.  He said this because Trump believed it.  Trump believed it because he heard it on Fox “News” from commentator ‘Judge’ Napolitano.  So, where did he hear it?  It now comes to light that Judge Nap heard it from Larry C Johnson on the “Russian state-sponsored” RT news network, who got the news from “his own sources inside the US intelligence community.”  I wonder if we’ll get to find out who those sources are and, if we do, if we’ll still care.  Meanwhile, it seems to be some matter of debate whether the US has apologized to the UK for all of this mess.  We just invited Angela Merkel for a visit and hit her up for some cash.  Maybe if we apologize to the UK we can get the queen to come.  I hear she’s loaded (and we have a wall to pay for).


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