Going nuclear

Daniel Ellsberg really knows how to plug a book.  Remember Ellsberg?  He stole some 15,000 secret documents from the U.S. government.  He used half of them to show that the war in Vietnam was a sham and he use the other half for…well, nothing.  He sat on them.  Until now.  His book is called The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner and it references the other secret documents that talk about the United States’ plans to end life on the planet, in the event that that ever seemed like the right thing to do.  Now, I understand that the guy wants to plug his book and it’s all very well to make the talk shows, but it’s a bit much to come out with a movie to match.  And, I’m sure the threat of nuclear war is going to be good for sales, but did he have to get the U.S. to perform war drills in South Korea so that North Korea would all but declare war?  I think that’s going too far.  Now the U.S. has to go talk to North Korea, and they clearly don’t want to but they don’t have any better options.  The alternative would be fairly unimaginable if we hadn’t seen it before.


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