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Of all of the foul beasts that Trump has attracted to the White House so far, I think Anthony Scaramucci is the most overtly Trumpian.  The rest of the bunch have been weird, but this guy is clearly and unabashedly nothing but a crass gangster.  It’s a bit like visiting a highly dysfunctional family where everyone is just barely holding it together but then the one truly psychotic uncle shows up who just doesn’t give a flip about anything and starts speaking his mind.

One just wonders where the whole thing goes from here.  It’s clear that Trump never had a plan for winning the election.  All of this was never supposed to happen.  He was supposed to spend the rest of his life basking in the adoration of those who were sure he would have kept all of his campaign promises if only he had been elected.  Instead, he will have to settle for basking in the adoration of those who think he has kept or will keep them.

The latest addition (and outburst) of Scaramucci is simply the next step in the trajectory that the administration has been on from the beginning of the campaign.  Whenever things are going bad, find a way to make them worse.  Erase the chaos of yesterday with the chaos of today.  Keep the masses in fear of the morrow.

I love this passage from the NYT today:

The clash between Mr. Scaramucci and Mr. Priebus offers a case study in how the Trump White House operates, a conflict divorced from facts, untethered from the basics of how government works, enabled by the lack of any organizational structure and driven by ambition, fear, animosity and envy.

You can also read the story in USN&WP, NBC, POLITICO, and The Hill.  For the unabridged version from the source, see Ryan Lizza’s article in the New Yorker.

This little imbroglio seems to stem from the fact that the Mooch found out his financial disclosure report is public and that someone caught wind that he and Trump had invited Sean Hannity and some other Fox folks to the White House.  As shameful as I would find those guests, it’s hard to imagine why anyone in the current administration would find this leak embarrassing.  For that matter, what could be more embarrassing than inviting Anthony Scaramucci himself?



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